Board Staff

Justice & Public Safety Cabinet Office of Legal Services

VACANT, Legal Counsel

Division of Parole and Victim Services Staff Directory

In addition to the Board members and their legal counsel, the Kentucky Parole Board is supported by the Division of Parole and Victim Services.  This staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Parole Board including but not limited to, processing decisions, processing incoming calls and correspondence, monthly and weekly schedules, and overall administrative support so that the Board can fulfill its duty to the Commonwealth. 
Staff Supervisors:
Amber “Ambie” Ingram, Corrections Program Administrator
Administrative Law Judges (ALJs):
Administrative Support of ALJs:
Carri Sullivan, Internal Policy Analyst II
Revocation Section:
Annyette Fleming, Internal Policy Analyst II
Cody Lovings, Parole Board Specialist I
Victim Services:
Charlotte Ellis, Victim Advocate
Kim Crews, Procedures Development Coordinator
Receptionist/Incoming Correspondence:
Jennifer Markey, Administrative Specialist III
Hearing Support Staff:
Letitia Tipton, Administrative Specialist III
Susie Hammond, Office Support Assistant II
Risk and Need Assessment Staff:
Adrienne Marlowe, Parole Board Specialist II
Jerry Sudduth, Parole Board Specialist II
Ralph Shoaf, Parole Board Specialist I
William R. Kelley, Parole Board Specialist I
Dillon Mann, Parole Board Specialist I