Office of Drug Control Policy

About ODCP 

In August of 2004, a 51-member team of state, federal and local officials in substance abuse prevention-education, treatment and enforcement recommended the creation of the Office of Drug Control Policy.
Prior to making its recommendations, the Statewide Drug Control Assessment Summit conducted a 20-week assessment of substance abuse in Kentucky.  The Summit was charged with the responsibility of assessing the effectiveness of existing and new local, state and federal substance abuse programs; soliciting input from citizens about substance abuse issues in their respective communities; and formulating recommendations to improve the balance and effectiveness of statewide drug control efforts. 

ODCP Values & Principles

The ODCP is committed to the values adopted by the Justice & Public Safety Cabinet and the following core values and guiding principles:

  • Plan for the development of an effective continuum of prevention and treatment services
  • Assure collaboration of prevention, treatment and law enforcement initiatives related to substance abuse
  • Provide a repository of information on best practices and standards of practice for prevention, treatment, education and law enforcement (as related to substance abuse)
  • Educate communities and families about substance abuse and resources for promoting a healthy lifestyle and assuring safety for Kentucky‚Äôs children
  • Involve citizens at all levels of planning and implementing effective programs
  • Develop standards of practice that assure the development, maintenance and improvement of prevention, treatment, education and law enforcement initiatives
  • Coordinate overall research and evaluation of effectiveness of programs and services
    Assist and make recommendations regarding the management of existing resources assuring cost efficiency
  • Advocate for the enhancement of resources for substance abuse initiatives
  • Assist in developing policy and legislation that supports the mission and goals of the agency.

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