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Department of Corrections 
Cookie Crews, Commissioner
Provides a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out the mandates of the legislative and judicial processes, and provides opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior.
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Department of Criminal Justice Training 
Nicolai Jilek, Commissioner
Provides entry-level and professional-development training for law enforcement officers in Kentucky, including city, county, airport and state university police officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, coroners and law enforcement telecommunicators.
Department of Juvenile Justice Logo  

Department of Juvenile Justice 
LaShana M. Harris, Commissioner
Responsible for prevention programs for at-risk youth, court intake, pre-trial detention, residential placement/treatment services, probation, community aftercare/reintegration programs and youth awaiting adult placement or court.


Department of Public Advocacy
Damon Preston, Public Advocate
Provides each eligible client with high quality services through an effective trial and post-trial delivery system, including a defender staff dedicated to the interests of their clients and the improvement of criminal justice system.
Kentucky State Police Logo  
Kentucky State Police 
Rodney Brewer, Deputy Commissioner
Promotes public safety through service, integrity, and professionalism utilizing partnerships to prevent, reduce, and deter crime and the fear of crime; enhance highway safety through education and enforcement; and safeguard property and protect individual rights.

Office of Drug Control Policy
Van Ingram, Executive Director
Ensures a united effort among prevention, treatment, education and law enforcement initiatives to address drug abuse in Kentucky.

Office of the State Medical Examiner
Dr. William Ralston,
Chief Medical Examiner
Assists Kentucky coroners and law enforcement agencies in all aspects of death investigation.  Central to the role of the office is the performance of the forensic autopsy, to aid in the determination of cause and manner of death of individuals, and identification of the deceased.

Grants Management Division
Marjorie Stanek, Director
Administers approximately $100 million annually from various state and federal grant programs, which are disbursed to state and local criminal justice agencies and not-for-profit service providers.

Internal Investigations Division
Ed Jewell, Director
Receives and investigates certain limited allegations involving abuse of juveniles committed to, or in the custody of, the Department of Juvenile Justice and investigates administrative violations within the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet as determined by the Cabinet Secretary.

Office of Legal Services

Robyn Bender, General Counsel
Provides legal assistance to the Cabinet’s officers, employees, and departments on a myriad of issues, and provides representation before administrative bodies and in state and federal court in any matters that involve the Cabinet.

Office of Management and
Adminstrative Services

Provides Management and Administrative support to the Cabinet's officers, employees, and department on all matters related to budget, fiscal and administrative operations.

Kentucky Parole Board
Lee VanHoose, Chairman
Grants and revokes parole for adult felony offenders incarcerated in Kentucky correctional institutions.

Child Fatality & Near Fatality External Review Panel
Hon. Melissa Moore Murphy, Chairman
Reviews child fatalities and near fatalities that are suspected to be the result of child abuse or neglect.

Kentucky Criminal Justice Council
Secretary Mary C. Noble, Chairman
Meets annually to review data and compile annual report on HB463.

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council
Sen. Whitney Westerfield, Co-Chair
Rep. Jason Petrie, Co-Chair

Provides independent review of state juvenile justice system and makes recommendations to the General Assembly.

Motorcycle Safety Education Commission
Steve Hanlon, Chairman

State Corrections Commission
Secretary Mary C. Noble, Chairman

The Commission is charged with awarding all grant money to community corrections programs.