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Justice Listens


Employee specific questions or concerns from staff of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet or its agencies, should be submitted to the Cabinet’s Human Resources department.​
All inquiries regarding federal inmates should be directed to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Bureau of Prisons has several different areas that allow for requests, questions, and concerns. For more information visit
If the individual has been assigned a Department of Corrections number, please submit your inquiry via Justice Listens. However, all other inquires need to be directed to the specific jail or detention center the individual is housed.
Bail issues are handled through the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts. For more information, please visit
For more information on the pardon process or to complete the application, please visit
Per Executive Order 2019-003 issued on December 12, 2019, civil rights are automatically restored for certain felony offenders upon receipt of final discharge or expiration of sentence. If you do not qualify for automatic restoration, you may submit an Application for Restoration of Civil Rights. To submit an application or for more information, please visit
Time calculation of an individual’s sentence may be obtained by contacting the Department of Corrections Offender Records Division directly at 502-564-2433 or 502-564-2264 or by submitting your request in writing to:
Department of Corrections
Attn: Offender Information Services
275 East Main Street
P.O. Box 2400
Frankfort, KY 40601
All questions regarding Kentucky’s sex offender registry should be sent to the Kentucky State Police. Information regarding the sex offender registry can be found at
The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet does not have jurisdiction over local police departments. You will need to contact the local police department directly, city mayor or county judge executive. If you are inquiring about the Kentucky State Police, please feel free to submit your question via Justice Listens.
For a list of Kentucky’s legislators and to contact a specific member of the Senate or House, please visit
The Judicial Conduct Commission is the only entity authorized under the Kentucky Constitution to take disciplinary action against a sitting Kentucky judge. The Judicial Conduct Commission also has authority over trial commissioners, domestic relations commissioners, master commissioners and attorneys who are candidates for judicial office. For more information, please visit
Any questions regarding legal or court cases should be submitted directly to your individual legal counsel. If you or your loved one has legal representation through the Department of Public Advocacy, you may contact this agency @ or by submitting the Justice Listens online form.
For assistance accessing legal aid or the Kentucky lawyer referral service contact the Kentucky Bar Association by visiting,
If you think your lawyer or another lawyer has committed an act you believe is in violation of the ethics rules, you are encouraged to report it to the Kentucky Bar Association for an investigation. For more information on how to file a complaint, visit

The Special Investigation Agent Manager of the Internal Investigations Branch, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet is responsible for receiving complaints alleging discrimination in violation of this policy.

JPSC Discrimination Policy