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Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions

Child Fatality & Near Fatality External Review Panel
Hon. Benjamin Harrison​, Chairman
Reviews child fatalities and near fatalities that are suspected to be the result of child abuse or neglect.
Juvenile Justice Oversight Council

Senator Whitney Westerfield, Co-Chair and Respresentative Jason Petrie, Co-Chair
Provides independent review of the state juvenile justice system and provides recommendations to the General Assembly.


Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy

Amy Andrews, State Program Man​​ager
The mission of the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (KY-ASAP) is to develop a long-term strategy that is designed to reduce the incidence of youth and adult smoking and tobacco addictions, promote resistance to smoking, reduce incidence of substance abuse, and promote effective treatment of substance abuse throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council

Michael Jones, Chair

​Prescribes standards for training academies, law enforcement instructors, curriculum, qualifications for attendance and expulsion, voluntary career development programs, and certify police officers, telecommunicators and court security officers.
Parole Board

Ladeidra N. Jones, Chairman
Grants and revokes parole for adult felony offenders incarcerated in Kentucky correctional institutions.


State Corrections Commission

The Commission is charged with awarding all grant money to community corrections programs.

Facial Recognition Technology Work Group

The Facial Recognition Technology Work Group Council ​is tasked with drafting and making publicly available a model facial recognition technology policy for use by law enforcement agencies