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Victims of Crime Act

​Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

Victims of Crime Act Formula Program (VOCA) grants may be used to provide funding to public agencies and not-for-profit organizations that offer direct services to victims of crime. Priority is given to projects that provide services to victims of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
In addition to these priority categories, the VOCA program funds projects that serve other groups such as victims of burglary or theft, survivors of victims of homicide, victims of drug and alcohol-related crime, elderly victims, and adult survivors of incest. Services to these groups focus on crisis intervention and assistance in obtaining benefits from compensation programs. State agencies, local units of government, and private not-for-profit organizations may apply for these funds.
Interested organizations may learn more about the federal VOCA program at Office for Victims of Crime / Crime Victims Fund

VOCA 2021-2022 Application Information
The grant application submission period for the 2021-2022 program application period will open on April 01, 2021. To view the 2021-2022 VOCA application press release, select the link below:

VOCA 2020-2021 Application and Award Information
To view the 2020-2021 VOCA application cycle announcement, please select the link below:
To view the 2020-2021 Annual VOCA Program and Financial Guidelines, please select the link below:
To view the 2020-2021 VOCA awards list, please select the link below:
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VOCA Subaward Recipients Testimonials


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