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Internal Investigation Branch

Special Law Enforcement Officer

​A Special Law Enforcement Officer​, by definition, is a commission issued to an individual to perform special law enforcement duties on public property.
  • KRS 61.900 to 61.930 states the definition of and the statutory requirements for Special Law Enforcement Officers for the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.
For information concerning being commissioned as a Special Law Enforcement Officer, leave a message with the Internal Investigations Branch at 502-564-6688 and personnel will return your call shortly.


New Appointment Submissions

  • The protection of specific public property from intrusion, entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, intermeddling or trespass.
  • The prevention, observation, detection of, or apprehension for, any unlawful activity on specific public property.
  • The control of the operation, speed, and parking of motor vehicles, bicycles, and other vehicles, and the movement of pedestrian traffic on specific public property.
  • The answering of any intrusion alarm on specific public property.
Shall Include:
  • Capitol Police
  • Capital Plaza Police
  • Public School District Security Officers
  • Public Airport Security Officers
  • Officers of the Public Security Forces
Shall Not Include:
  • Members of a lawfully organized police unit or police force of state, county, city or metropolitan government, or a combination of these, who are responsible for the detection of crime and the enforcement of the general criminal law enforcement of the state.
  • Sheriff’s, sworn deputy sheriff’s, city marshals, constables, sworn deputy constables or coroners.
  • Auxiliary and reserve police or citation and safety officers.
  • State park rangers and officers of the Division of Law Enforcement within the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.
  • Officers of the Transportation Cabinet responsible for the law enforcement.
  • Officers of the Department of Corrections responsible for law enforcement.
  • Fire marshals and deputy fire marshals.
  • Other officers not mentioned above who are employed directly by state government and are responsible for law enforcement.
  • Federal peace officers.
  • Campus security officers commissioned under KRS 164.950.
  • Private Security guards, private security patrolman and investigators licensed pursuant to state statute.
  • Railroad policemen.
Requirements for Appointment
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States.
  • Has not been convicted in any jurisdiction of any felony or of any crime involving moral turpitude for which he has not received a full pardon.
  • Has not been convicted of any other offense or offenses more than five (5) times within the previous three (3) years.
  • Has not by any court of competent jurisdiction, been declared mentally disabled by reason of an intellectual disability or disease and has not been restored.
  • Does not suffer from habitual drunkenness or from narcotics addiction or dependence, or from any physical defect or deficiency which the secretary determines to materially impair the applicant’s ability to perform the duties of a special law enforcement officer.
  • Have reached their twenty-first birthday.
  • Submission of a completed SLEO-1 form.
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • Is a graduate of an accredited high school or of an equivalent technical or vocational training or education program satisfactory to the Secretary’s designee, or holds a High School Equivalency Diploma.
  • Has successfully completed at least eighty (80) hours of JPSC approved training.
  • Firearms qualification.
  • Certified in first aid.
Checklist for New Appointment Submissions:
JPSC Functions for New Applications
  • Review of Application
  • Two Reference Checks
  • Two Employment Verifications
  • Operator License Check
  • Courtnet Check
  • FBI Print Record
  • Interview
Final Steps
  • Upon approval, the JPSC will e-mail or mail two copies of the oath to the property owner.
  • The applicant will take the paperwork, along with the original application to the county clerk’s office to be sworn in.
  • One copy of the oath will stay with the county clerk and one needs to be returned to the JPSC office.
  • Upon receipt of the signed oath, the JPSC office will mail the commission certificate to the property owner.
  • Upon departure from the position, the property owner will return the commission certificate back to the JPSC office.


Renewal Submissions

Renewal Application Checklist: