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Criminal Justice Statistics


Andrew Ritzel, Deputy Director

Andrew Ritzel is the Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis for the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. Prior to his work with the Cabinet, Andrew worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs, the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, and the CDC Foundation. Andrew's roles have focused on creating new programmatic initiatives based on strategic needs assessment, metrics and data analysis, and process improvement methodology. 

Through his role as Deputy Director, Andrew plays a crucial part in shaping data-driven decision-making processes and fostering collaboration among criminal justice stakeholders. Andrew has a background in grant writing and grant management. His experience in securing funding and overseeing grant programs allows him to contribute to developing projects aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of criminal justice policies and practices. Andrew's proficiency in grant management ensures that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively, maximizing their impact on improving public safety outcomes.

Andrew possesses a unique perspective on connecting public health to the field of criminal justice. He recognizes significant intersections between these two domains and believes in leveraging public health strategies to address the complex issues within the criminal justice system. By applying evidence-based approaches and utilizing data analysis, Andrew strives to create a more equitable and effective justice system that benefits individuals and communities throughout Kentucky.

Andrew graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Spanish. He further pursued his studies at the University of Kentucky and obtained a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Health Behavior.​