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Parole Board

Hearing Schedules

​Hearing Schedules and Eligibility Lists

The Parole Board conducts weekly Parole Eligibility Hearings.  Hearing schedules are published monthly.  Hearings begin at 8:30 am EST

​Hearing Schedule
​Parole Eligibility Lists
​The hearing schedules identified below, include the date, time, location. Schedules are updated on a weekly basis (every Monday morning) to ensure the latest information is available.

​The eligiblity lists identified below, include the Offender's name, DOC number, Offender location and month of eligibility. Hearings may be held up to 2 months prior to actual eligibility date.

​Select a schedule:

​Select a listing:

June 2023
June 2023
July 2023
July 2023​
August 2023
August 2023​
September 2023
September 2023​
October 2023
October 2023
November 2023
November 2023
​December 2023
December 2023

Hearings can be observed by the public, in person or via videoconference. 

  1. To observe a hearing via videoconference, please email
  2. To observe a hearing in person, please contact the institution in which the offender of interest is being held.  Please note the institutions have specific policies and procedures regarding entering their facility that may prohibit your ability to attend in person.
  3. ​Hearings are observation only.  You will not be allowed to speak at any time.  If you are observing via videoconference,  at the point of log-in you will need to have your video off and your audio muted.  Interruptions may result in being removed from the hearing.