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State Corrections Commission


​State Corrections Commission

The Kentucky State Corrections Commission is established under KRS 196.701. The Commission is charged with awarding all grant money to community corrections programs along with developing and implementing a statewide strategic plan for the state and community corrections programs as well as other functions defined in KRS 196.702. The Commission is also charged with providing oversight for the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program and serves as the Parole Board Nominating Committee.

The Commission consists of twenty-three (23) members who are set by statute or appointed by the Governor. The Commission is chaired by the Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. Ex officio members include Executive staff from the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, Executive staff from the Department of Corrections, Circuit Court Judges, County Judge Executives, County Jailers, Commonwealth's Attorneys, Attorney, Public Advocacy, Victims, Service Providers, Business and Industry Members, and Members of the Public. The Commission is attached to the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet and support by the Department of Corrections.

Community Corrections Grant

Community Corrections Grant Flyer

Community Corrections Grant Application Instructions​​​

​The Kentucky State Corrections Commission was created to administer Community Corrections Programs with local government agencies, private nonprofits and/or charitable organizations. Community Corrections Programs are designed to provide sentencing alternatives for the judicial system and to assist local agencies in providing treatment, rehabilitation, and restitution opportunities. Community Corrections Programs provide alternatives to incarceration for persons charged with or convicted of one (1) or more felonies who under application of law are eligible for probation or suspension of sentence.

The Kentucky State Corrections Commission is able to ward grants for Community Corrections Programs who offer additional resources and opportunities to increase the potential for successful completion of sentences. Community Corrections programs are designed and overseen by a local Community Corrections Board who are comprised of local officials such as judges, Commonwealth's attorneys, defense attorneys, crime victims or survivors, community leaders, social workers, law-enforcement officers, probation officers, and other interested persons. Local Community Corrections Board stimulate local involvement in community corrections programs to assure that they are specifically designed to meet the needs of the sentencing court and the community.

Additionally, Community Corrections Programs allow individuals to remain in their local communities while they participate in home incarceration and electronic monitoring, drug testing, work release, treatment, counseling and rehabilitation services including mentoring and coaching, employment and job search assistance, and workforce development training. Community Corrections Programs can monitor and enforce the payment of restitution to victims of crime and the community through financial reimbursement, community service, or both. Community Corrections Programs can reduce expenditures of state funds by increasing community-based sentencing, reduce recidivism, reduce revocations of probation and parole, and break the cycle or repeated incarcerations.