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Department of Criminal Justice Training Class 514 Basic Training Graduates

Thirty-six recruits completed 800 hours of training
Class 514

RICHMOND, Ky. (March 19, 2021) - On March 18, the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) graduated thirty-six law enforcement officers from agencies across the state from the basic training academy.

"Congratulations to these 36 men and women who have dedicated themselves to 20 weeks of extensive basic training," said Gov. Andy Beshear. "We wish you a safe and fulfilling career of service to the Commonwealth."

The graduates of Class 514 received 800 hours of recruit-level instruction over 20 weeks. Major training areas include: patrol procedures, physical training, vehicle operations, defensive tactics, criminal law, traffic and DUI, firearms, criminal investigations, cultural awareness, bias related crimes and tactical responses to crisis situations.

"Completion of the Basic Training Academy is just the beginning of a career of learning," said DOCJT Commissioner Nicolai Jilek. "DOCJT will be here throughout your career to support you and continue to offer you the knowledge and skills that will help you thrive in your communities."

DOCJT provides basic training for city and county police officers, sheriffs' deputies, university police, airport police throughout the state, only excluding Louisville Metro Police Department, Lexington Police Department, Bowling Green Police Department and the Kentucky State Police, which each have independent academies.

Class 514 graduates and their agencies are:

Houston S. Babbs
Georgetown Police Department
(Academic Achievement Award)

Alicia N. Barnes       
Frankfort Police Department

Jaritt L. Beasley       
Hopkinsville Police Department
(Coordinator's Award)

Dylan A. Bobo          
Murray Police Department

Westley J. Brumley 
Clay County Sheriff's Office

Whitney C. Buerger 
Alexandria Police Department

Jackson V. Calder   
Somerset Police Department

Trenton Clark
Somerset Police Department

Stephen T. Cundiff  
Somerset Police Department

Jarrod R. Duncan     
Harrodsburg Police Department

James A. Elliott        
Covington Police Department
(Firearms Proficiency Award)

Trenton C. Goshorn
Covington Police Department

Chandler B. Gover   
Somerset Police Department

Daniel M. Griggs      
Murray Police Department

Noor Jabbari 
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Cody D. Jones          
Berea Police Department

Johnathan B. Kinder
Middlesboro Police Department

Joshua T. Knott       
Covington Police Department

Kevin Masoumi        
Berea Police Department

Sara A. McLaughlin 
Cincinnati/N. Kentucky Airport Police Department

Debra Necessary     
Somerset Police Department

Patrick D. Nevitt       
Georgetown Police Department

Alex A. Olvera-Vancini        
Covington Police Department

Kyle M. Perkins        
Bullitt County Sheriff's Office
(Most Improved Award for Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics)

Jordan L. Saltsman 
Western Kentucky University Police Department

Josh L. Sims 
Somerset Police Department
(Outstanding Performance Award for Physical Fitness)

Carl Smith     
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Jared B. Smith         
Clay County Sheriff's Office

Kendric T. Smith      
Clay County Sheriff's Office

Christian M. Soister 
Flemingsburg Police Department

Zachary J. Tyler       
Murray Police Department

Donald L. VanValkenburg   
Fulton Police Department

Brent M. Vose           
Henderson County Sheriff's Office

Zachary R. White     
Murray Police Department

Javier E. Wilson       
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Ross Woodward      
Covington Police Department