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Office of Drug Control Policy

What is the KY-ODCP?

The Office of Drug Control Policy is tasked to coordinate Kentucky’s response to substance abuse. Our goal is to change the way substance abuse is handled in Kentucky, reducing the problem, and making the Commonwealth a model for other states. We have joined prevention/education, treatment, and law enforcement in a united effort to confront this epidemic and have made great strides. As we plan for the future, we know the success of our initiatives depends on the involvement and support of grassroots coalitions, local and state agencies, as well as community and faith-based organizations throughout Kentucky. 

Our History

In August of 2004, a 51-member team of state, federal and local officials in substance abuse prevention-education, treatment and enforcement recommended the creation of the Office of Drug Control Policy.
Prior to making its recommendations, the Statewide Drug Control Assessment Summit conducted a 20-week assessment of substance abuse in Kentucky. The Summit was charged with the responsibility of assessing the effectiveness of existing and new local, state and federal substance abuse programs; soliciting input from citizens about substance abuse issues in their respective communities; and formulating recommendations to improve the balance and effectiveness of statewide drug control efforts. 

KY-ODCP Core Values

  • Plan for the development of an effective continuum of prevention and treatment services
  • Assure collaboration of prevention, treatment and law enforcement initiatives related to substance abuse
  • Provide a repository of information on best practices and standards of practice for prevention, treatment, education and law enforcement (as related to substance abuse)
  • Educate communities and families about substance abuse and resources for promoting a healthy lifestyle and assuring safety for Kentucky’s children
  • Involve citizens at all levels of planning and implementing effective programs
  • Develop standards of practice that assure the development, maintenance and improvement of prevention, treatment, education and law enforcement initiatives
  • Coordinate overall research and evaluation of effectiveness of programs and services Assist and make recommendations regarding the management of existing resources assuring cost efficiency
  • Advocate for the enhancement of resources for substance abuse initiatives
  • Assist in developing policy and legislation that supports the mission and goals of the agency


Annual Asset Forfeiture

KRS 218A.440​ Requires that each agency seizing money or property shall at the close of each fiscal year file a statement with the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet containing a detailed listing of all money and property seized in that fiscal year and the disposition thereof. The listing shall identify all property so seized.

All local law enforcement agencies and sheriffs

The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet needs your assistance to fulfill the statutory requirement of collecting data on asset forfeiture.

Submit your Annual Asset Forfeiture Report Online

  • The fiscal year for the report should reflect July 1 through June 30 of the corresponding year.
  • Do no send monthly reports. Submit only on report per year reflecting your seizures.
  • Deadline to submit the completed report is on or before September 15.
  • Need help submitting your state asset forfeiture report? Review the PDF which helps address frequently asked questions.

Annual Asset Forfeiture Frequently Asked Questions