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Parole Board

Terms & Conditions


  • Victim – The person the crime was committed against. To register with the Parole Victim Services’ Office, the inmate must be serving on a crime committed against you. If the case involves a minor, the legal guardian will be registered. If the victim is deceased, immediate family members can be registered. (KRS 421.500​​)
  • Victim Impact Statement (VIS) – The form which details the impact the crime had on the victim and/or victim’s family and is submitted to the Parole Board by the registered victim(s). NOTE: All other family members and friends are welcome to submit written comments to the Parole Board.
  • Violent Offense – For sentence calculation, “violent offense” is defined by statute (KRS 439.3401) and includes crimes involving serious physical injury or death of a victim; for the purposes of classifying offenders, the Department of Corrections categorizes other offenses as violent which include those defined by statute, as well of other offenses which typically involve an act of violence that does not result in serious physical injury or death of the victim.
  • Minimum Expiration Date – Date the inmate will be released from the institution unless they have already received Discretionary Parole or released on Mandatory Reentry Supervision.
  • Statutory Good Time – Inmates, except those serving on a Life Sentence or Violent Offense, receive a 25% reduction in their sentence upon commitment to the Department of Corrections. Example: A 60 month sentence would be reduced by 15 months leaving a total sentence of 45 months to serve. (KRS 197.045(1))
  • Education, Good Time and Program Completion Credit - Inmates who complete programs which are six months or more in length will receive an additional credit of 90 days per program completed. These programs can include GED, drug treatment programs and/or other programs as defined by the Department of Corrections. (KRS 197.045)
  • Meritorious Good Time – Inmates may receive up to seven days for each month served based on their behavior while incarcerated. (KRS 197.045(3))
  • Work for Time Credit (WFTC) – Inmates who are eligible to receive WFTC may earn up to one day credit toward their sentence for every 40 hours worked. Inmates not eligible for this credit include those with sex offenses, violent offenses, escape charges or those serving a sentence of Life. (KRS 197.047(8))
  • Parole Compliance Credit – Inmates on parole and/or MRS may receive seven days for each month on parole/MRS for which they are compliant with the conditions of their supervision.
  • Extraordinary Meritorious Good Time - Inmates may receive meritorious good time for acts of exceptional meritorious service, for example, acts of heroism, to be determined by the Commissioner but not to exceed seven days per month served.