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Parole Board

Board Schedule

​​​​​​The Kentucky Parole Board Schedule


Important Information About the Parole Board Schedule

  • All hearings begin at 8:30am EST​ unless otherwise noted.
  • Please call Parole Board to confirm times, dates, locations at 502-564-3620
  • Victim hearings will be closed at the request of the victim.
  • All institutions have procedures regarding parole board hearings and attendance. Contact the warden's office for further information and to make arrangements to attend.
  • All other questions can be directed to the parole board at 502-564-3620

The Internal Operating Policies and Procedures of the Kentucky Parole Board, and the orderly conducting of its business, prevent the Parole Board from orally advising inmate's families, victims, or the media of the decision of the Kentucky Parole Board and in a particular case until the inmate has been notified of the action of the Board.

Please avoid calling the Board on the day an inmate is considered for parole as it often takes several days for the Board to notify the inmate.


Parole Board Monthly Schedules